About Chris Jewell, Musician and Ceilidh Caller 

Chris has been involved with folk music and dance ever since he can remember. From the age of 8 he was playing fiddle in a band with his parents, and from then on, he was regularly playing weddings, Barn Dance and ceilidhs, as well as for the established EFDSS clubs.  
This continued for many years, and explains his deep knowledge of both repertoires. 

Chris Through the Years 

Since then Chris has played in and led numerous bands all the while observing how, and how not, to call! 
Chris worked with the late, great, Ray Taylor for many years and still uses many of his jokes! Chris has also been in bands playing music for callers such as Colin Hime, Bernard Chalk, Nigel Barrel, Hugh Rippon, Gordon Potts, John Turner and many years ago - Gordon Brooks. 
In 1990 Chris joined an electric Folk Rock band called Touchstone. During his time with Touchstone Chris took on the role of calling at the many ceilidhs they played during the 90's. This included calling at Crawley Folk Festival for 25 years along with hundreds of weddings and appearances at Chippenham, Gosport and Broadstairs festivals. 
During the 90's Chris was also playing fiddle for Broken Ankles appearing at festivals in Sidmouth, Towersey and Omagh. 
In 1990 he joined electric Folk Rock band Touchstone. With them, he took on the role of calling for the very many ceilidhs they played for during the 90's, including 25 years at Crawley Folk Festival as well as hundreds of weddings and appearances at Chippenham, Gosport and Broadstairs festivals.  
In the 90's, he was also playing fiddle for Broken Ankles, and appeared at festivals in Sidmouth, Towersey and Omagh. Whilst performing with Touchstone and 3 Sticks, he had clients including Glyndboune Opera, American Express and the launch party of Windows '95. They also played at venues as diverse as Cecil Sharp House and The Savoy Hotel in London, The Grand Hotel in Brighton, and probably hundreds of barns in and around Sussex. 

Folk Camps 

Since the age of 18 Chris has been a regular Folk Camp musician and is still to be found on the staffing lists, and regularly leads at English Folk Camps, and has run their 'Session Music Weekend' for the last 6 years. 
He has also led and been a musician for the German Folk Camps held in Zeilitzheim each summer. The first was in 1984, and the latest was in 2015. 

What Chris is doing now? 

Performing & Ceilidh calling 
Now Chris lives in North Devon, and works regularly with Amber Fire, The Barnstormers and Bloatertown he can be found calling or sometimes playing melodeon, fiddle or guitar at events throughout Devon. He also occasionally travels back to Milton Keynes to call with 3 Sticks and to Sussex to call with Touchstone. 
Chris vast experience over the years speaks for itself and makes him the No1 choice for your ceilidhs or barn dance for occasions such as weddings, corporate events, anniversaries and much more. 
To check prices and availability please click here 
Melodeon Lessons 
Chris offers melodeon lessons via Skype or Facetime priced at £10 for 30 minute. 
Please contact Chris on 01237 423554 for more information. 
Piano Tuning 
Chris is a fully qualified professional piano tuner working throughout North Devon for more information please visit his other website >>> here 
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